Where the inspiration begins

OUR memory of Bibury and the River Coln is that of a gentle breeze that blows away all traces of weariness and withering. We REMEMBER the purity of nature – its healing power that soothes our senses. We RECALL the secret beauty recipe infused with water from the clear creek, and the whole essence of healthy living embodied in every fabric of this lovely, unspoiled village.

Distil the concept

Evoking the bliss of being caressed by the rejuvenating breeze of the English countryside, Bibury Coln treasures the naturally-derived composites that form our original concoctions. Our goal is to bring out the best of nature - by which we refer not just to our naturally - derived ingredients, but also the natural youthfulness of the well-pampered complexion.

Deliver natural, innovative products

We believe in nature, and we put our faith in science in bringing
the best out of nature. From the extraction of the natural particles
to the stabilization of the active ingredients, our innovations are
designed to advance and reinforce the essential benefits of our
natural ingredients.

Keeps in touch with nature